How to Download

Onno is commercial software. Before you can download anything, you have to buy Onno.

The download requires authentification.

After your purchase, you can download the latest version of Onno instantly from share-it. Access to this download area has to be granted manually and will take some days (at most a week).

Multi Processor Update (Beta)


After unzipping the update, you have to copy your license file into the directory where onno-1-2-2-w32.exe is located. License files are available only by purchase at share-it.

A known issue with the beta is poor speedup at very fast time controls (such as 1+1). Other issues might turn up.

I have sucessfully tested the beta on two cores. It was reported to be stable on four cores. Current hard coded limit is 8 cores, but there are no test results for more then four cores yet.

Opening Book

By request of the book auther, I no longer provide an opening book. I am sorry for this.

Old versions

Here you can find old versions of Onno for download. They still require a valid license file. License files for one version are also valid for all earlier versions.