Onno Chess Engine

Onno was also the name of my chess engine. Here is a timeline of it:

Summer 2006 Development started
May 2009 First public Release, Onno 1.0.0
May 2010 Multi-CPU version Onno 1.2.71
subsequent Difficulties to invest sufficient time
March 2011 End of development and distribution

Goals of Onno were, apart from making my childhood dream to write a chess program come true:

While I was successful on the first point, I did not quite achieve my goals on the second. When Onno 1.0.0 was released, it was #7 in the world, just a few Elo behind #4 (CEGT signle-CPU rating). In the subsequent months, my competitors made great progress, while I was busy with the multi-CPU version and non-chess-related things. So I finally decided that I cannot keep pace with the rapid development.